Adolescent Therapy

We could define adolescence as the transition stage from childhood to adulthood, bearing in mind that this is a period of life in which confusion is the dominant aspect, with the main persistent psychological conflicts appearing in age adult, if not treated properly.


Our professionals of clinical psychology, perform a personalized intervention through psychotherapy for adolescents, offering quick and effective solutions to different conflict situations that a teenager might go through during that period; difficulty accepting their own image, problems in the family and interpersonal relationships, lack of academic or professional orientation, social fears, addition to new technologies and everything that disturbs the healthy development of person at such a critical period, when we must pay special attention.


There are teenagers who make the transition without problems, however, there are other young people who do not manage to make this stage in a healthy way , but who experience great difficulties, in which both the adolescent and their parents suffer, who sometimes do not know how to deal with a defiant, rebellious and selfish attitude of their own child.


To do this, through our intervention of psychotherapy for adolescence we offer an individual therapy for adolescents, and even family therapy to offer different tools to guide parents in their family relationships, creating a more affective bond that helps the teen understand this period and become aware of his problems to successfully overcome personal, family, school, and social difficulties.



• Excessive social and family isolation

• School failure and disinterest in any leisure activity

• Aggressive and even physical verbal behaviors

• Eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, overweight, binge eating)

• Toxic, drugs and/or alcohol use

• New tecnologies addition

• Self-harm and suicide attempts

• Depression, anxiety

• Problems in family relationships

• Low self-esteem and insecurity

• Hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit


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