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Registered as Health Centre. NICA 54.250 Online and Face-to-face Therapy
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Sometimes there are a series of events during the childhood stage that hinder proper psychoaffective development, which requires psychotherapeutic intervention. These intervention will contribute to the development of their emotional intelligence and the ability to understand, and develop an appropriate knowledge for this stage.

From our psychology clinic in Málaga, we carry out child psychotherapy in order to intervene in different problems or difficulties that arise in childhood and that without proper treatment can lead to more serious psychological problems in Adulthood.

Every difficulty that arises in the children’s stage, is a great concern in the family, for its tranquility we put at your disposal our knowledge in child psychology to address different problems in the family context, performing from our psychology clinic in Málaga evaluating and treating the psychological problems of the child and disorders of child behavior from the knowledge of evolutionary development, analyzing the context of the family and the school.

In our child psychology clinic in Malaga, psychological intervention has a preventive nature of mental health in the adult stage. During our career we have intervened psychologically with children who have presented signs of some alteration in their emotional, intellectual development in family and/or school dynamics.

• Depression

• Incontinence and Encopresis

• Excessive shyness or social problems

• Motor and/or vocal tics

• Eating problems (anorexia, bulimia, overweight)

• Behavioral problems (aggression, disobedience, tantrums)

• Low self-esteem, insecurity

• Sleep disorders

• Hyperactivity disroder, attention deficit

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