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In today’s society there are families of different types; traditional, reconstituted, separated parents, same-sex parents, etc.

From our psychological clinic in Malaga, we understand that each family is different and therefore it requires special attention.

The family undergoes a number of natural changes during the life cycle, where its members face new situations; arrival of the first child, school failure, adolescence, eating disorders, emancipation of children, changes of residence, loss of employment, separations, death. In either case, each family reacts in a particular and distinctive way and there are even families who don’t know what to do and need professional help.

When a patient asks us for help for their family problems, they do not necessarily present a mental health disorder, sometimes conflicts arise due to lack of communication, understanding and empathy. Through family therapy, we make all members of the family able to find harmony and stability within the family system.

To do this, from our psychotherapy clinic in Málaga, we provide with an analysis of your difficulties in order to intervene in the most correct way and that you can have the total confidence to get the help of a professional expert in family therapy. The profesional will study your case to find real solutions to different family problems:

• Family communication problems

• Behavioral difficulties for children or adolescents

• Dependency to new tecnologies

• Mental health problems

• Partner problems that influence children

• Domestic violence

• Eating disorder

• Lost and dwelling

• Divorce and complex separations, etc.

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To address these and other difficulties, our psychotherapists intervene together with families through the Systemic Family Therapy model, because experience shows us that each member’s personal problems directly affect the family and therefore it is not advisable to perform treatment in isolation. For this reason we carry out a set of procedures and joint intervention techniques that can help each individual member.

Therapy will be aimed at getting the participation of each of the members, to achieve harmony in family coexistence. With this we do not want to point out that all members of the family have to go to each of the family psychotherapy sessions, for this the psychologist will assess the situation of each family and according to the needs will recomend group sessions and/or individual sessions. It can even be helpful to collaborate with agents outside the family system, such as schools or other professionals.

Although the participation of all its members is important to achieve the success of family intervention, it is also necessary to treat the patient individually, to make their relationships as a couple and family improve, thanks to the acquisition of individual resources that the psychotherapist will provide to you to achieve your personal goals in the shortest possible time.

For your peace of mind, with the intervention of a psychotherapist expert in family therapy, you will be able to identify the patterns of any dysfunctional relationship and lack of emotional bonds. In addition, if you need help from other professionals, our clinical psychologists will intervene with other specialists to gain a global vision and be able to give a more solid and effective response, through the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team.

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